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# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) 2019 LINKIT, The Netherlands. All Rights Reserved.
# Author(s): Anthony Potappel
# This software may be modified and distributed under the terms of the
# MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# If you see pwd_unknown showing up, this is why. Re-calibrate your system.
PWD ?= pwd_unknown
# PROJECT_NAME defaults to name of the current directory.
# should not to be changed if you follow GitOps operating procedures.
PROJECT_NAME = $(notdir $(PWD))
# Note. If you change this, you also need to update docker-compose.yml.
# only useful in a setting with multiple services/ makefiles.
# if vars not set specifially: try default to environment, else fixed value.
# strip to ensure spaces are removed in future editorial mistakes.
# tested to work consistently on popular Linux flavors and Mac.
ifeq ($(user),)
# USER retrieved from env, UID from shell.
HOST_USER ?= $(strip $(if $(USER),$(USER),nodummy))
HOST_UID ?= $(strip $(if $(shell id -u),$(shell id -u),4000))
# allow override by adding user= and/ or uid= (lowercase!).
# uid= defaults to 0 if user= set (i.e. root).
HOST_USER = $(user)
HOST_UID = $(strip $(if $(uid),$(uid),0))
THIS_FILE := $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))
# export such that its passed to shell functions for Docker to pick up.
export HOST_USER
export HOST_UID
# all our targets are phony (no files to check).
.PHONY: shell help build rebuild service login test clean prune
# suppress makes own output
# shell is the first target. So instead of: make shell cmd="whoami", we can type: make cmd="whoami".
# more examples: make shell cmd="whoami && env", make shell cmd="echo hello container space".
# leave the double quotes to prevent commands overflowing in makefile (things like && would break)
# special chars: '',"",|,&&,||,*,^,[], should all work. Except "$" and "`", if someone knows how, please let me know!).
# escaping (\) does work on most chars, except double quotes (if someone knows how, please let me know)
# i.e. works on most cases. For everything else perhaps more useful to upload a script and execute that.
ifeq ($(CMD_ARGUMENTS),)
# no command is given, default to shell
docker-compose -p $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) run --rm $(SERVICE_TARGET) sh
# run the command
docker-compose -p $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) run --rm $(SERVICE_TARGET) sh -c "$(CMD_ARGUMENTS)"
# Regular Makefile part for buildpypi itself
@echo ''
@echo 'Usage: make [TARGET] [EXTRA_ARGUMENTS]'
@echo 'Targets:'
@echo ' build build docker --image-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' rebuild rebuild docker --image-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' test test docker --container-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' service run as service --container-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' login run as service and login --container-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' clean remove docker --image-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ' prune shortcut for docker system prune -af. Cleanup inactive containers and cache.'
@echo ' shell run docker --container-- for current user: $(HOST_USER)(uid=$(HOST_UID))'
@echo ''
@echo 'Extra arguments:'
@echo 'cmd=: make cmd="whoami"'
@echo '# user= and uid= allows to override current user. Might require additional privileges.'
@echo 'user=: make shell user=root (no need to set uid=0)'
@echo 'uid=: make shell user=dummy uid=4000 (defaults to 0 if user= set)'
# force a rebuild by passing --no-cache
docker-compose build --no-cache $(SERVICE_TARGET)
# run as a (background) service
docker-compose -p $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) up -d $(SERVICE_TARGET)
login: service
# run as a service and attach to it
docker exec -it $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) sh
# only build the container. Note, docker does this also if you apply other targets.
docker-compose build $(SERVICE_TARGET)
# remove created images
@docker-compose -p $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) down --remove-orphans --rmi all 2>/dev/null \
&& echo 'Image(s) for "$(PROJECT_NAME):$(HOST_USER)" removed.' \
|| echo 'Image(s) for "$(PROJECT_NAME):$(HOST_USER)" already removed.'
# clean all that is not actively used
docker system prune -af
# here it is useful to add your own customised tests
docker-compose -p $(PROJECT_NAME)_$(HOST_UID) run --rm $(SERVICE_TARGET) sh -c '\
echo "I am `whoami`. My uid is `id -u`." && echo "Docker runs!"' \
&& echo success
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