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Working in a new open source project

Alexsandro Souza apssouza22

Working in a new open source project
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import static org.springframework.util.Assert.greaterThan;
import static org.springframework.util.Assert.notBlank;
import static org.springframework.util.Assert.notNull;
public final class User {
public User(String firstName, String lastName, int age, Set<CreditCard> cards) {
this.firstName = notBlank(firstName, "Blank first name: %s", firstName);
this.lastName = notBlank(lastName, "Blank last name: %s", lastName);
this.age = greaterThan(17, age, "The user must be 18 or older"); = notNull(cards, "Invalid credit card set");
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new IllegalStateException("Resource leak: finalizer fallback cleaned up")
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The term “Microservices Architecture” is now a popular term and in order to keep updated as a software developer, I’ve been putting some effort to get a good understanding about this architecture and the better way of implementing it in Java using Spring technologies.
I was working in a nice company with a great team and a good tech stack, however, we were not using the cutting edge Java features such as Java 8 and Microservices architectures in that moment, so I had to start looking for that knowledge outside the company. I wanted to play with the Java 8 and Microservices and the best way of doing it is hands on code, building something, then I decided to create a To Do system using as many fun stuffs as possible and I will try to write a series of posts talking about this experience.
The intention of this blog series is to have a source code walkthrough with many concepts and technologies put in place and combined within a whole system composed with different microservices. I’m not planning to go deep in th
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case "multipleitems":
for (var i = SQLResults.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
if(JSON.parse(SQLResults[i].product).length > 1){
returnObj.result = result;
returnObj.message = "Total of orders with minimum 2 orders";
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;
* @author apssouza
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var class = function(){
return {
myPublicMethod : function(){
otherPublicMethod : function(){
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interface Worker
public function getCommand();
public function done($stdout, $stderr);
public function fail($stdout, $stderr, $status);
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var Money = (function(){
function Money(qty) {
this.whole = 0;
this.cents = 0;
Money.prototype.calc = function() {
while (this.cents > 100) {
this.cents -= 100;
this.whole += 1;
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