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Commit Message Template

Commit Message Convention

type(scope): subject 


1. Type of commit

feat:     The new feature being added to a particular application
fix:      A bug fix
style:    Feature and updates related to styling
refactor: Refactoring a specific section of the codebase
test:     Everything related to testing
docs:     Everything related to documentation
chore:    Regular code maintenance

2. Scope (optional)

Provided in parentheses after the type of commit, describing parts of the code affected by the changes or simply the epic name.


3. Subject

Short description of the applied changes.

  • Limit the subject line to 50 characters
  • Your commit message should not contain any whitespace errors or punctuation marks
  • Do not end the subject line with a period
  • Use the present tense or imperative mood in the subject line
feat(claims): add claims detail page
fix(orders): validation of custom specification

4. Body (Optional)

Use the body to explain what changes you have made and why you made them.

  • Separate the subject from the body with a blank line
  • Limit each line to 72 characters
  • Do not assume the reviewer understands what the original problem was, ensure you add it
  • Do not think your code is self-explanatory
refactor!: drop support for Node 6
BREAKING CHANGE: refactor to use JavaScript features not available in Node 6.

5. Footer (optional)

Use this section to reference issues affected by the code changes or comment to another developers or testers.

fix(orders): correct minor typos in code
See the issue for details
on typos fixed.
Reviewed-by: @John Doe
Refs #133
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