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Created Jan 15, 2013
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Agile and Lean and the Space Between
Agile, Lean, and the space between
Agile manifesto
individuals and interaction
over processes and tools
working software
over comprehensive documentation
customer collaboration
over contract negotiation
responding to change
ove following a plan
Lean Manufacturing ported to Lean Software
The space between
A & L shared values
cadence - understand throughput
small batches -
cross functional collaboration
A & L shared dependencies
requirements managements - thin slices
technical practices
A & L shared failures
too much focus on events and artifacts
neglect of the primacy of culture - you can only take these things as far as your culture is willing to take them
most importantly they share the challenge of gaining lasting permanance
William Edwards Deming - Out of Crisis
consistency of purpose
adopt the new philosophy
cease dependency on mass inspection -create a short feedback loop
don't choose on price alone
improve product and service constantly
adopt and institute leadership
drive out fear
break down barriers between dept
eliminate quotas and goals
remove barriers tha rob pride of workmanship
encourage education and self improvement
take action to accomplish thie transformation
kanban - strict guidelines is what makes it work in mfg
and standups
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