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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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SIP hash in pure Haskell
{-# LANGUAGE UnicodeSyntax #-}
-- SIP hash in pure Haskell
-- Original C reference implementation taken from (
-- Translated to Haskell by Adam R. Nelson (
module Data.Digest.SIP(sipHash) where
import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.ST
import Data.Bits
import Data.ByteString
import Data.Function
import Data.STRef
import Data.Word
import Prelude hiding (drop, length, null, splitAt, take)
cRound Int
cRound = 2
dRound Int
dRound = 4
-- Computes the SIP hash of a ByteString. The second argument is a 128-bit
-- secret key, in the form of two Word64s.
sipHash ByteString (Word64, Word64) Word64
sipHash bytes (k0, k1) = runST $
do v0 newSTRef (0x736f6d6570736575 `xor` k0)
v1 newSTRef (0x646f72616e646f6d `xor` k1)
v2 newSTRef (0x6c7967656e657261 `xor` k0)
v3 newSTRef (0x7465646279746573 `xor` k1)
let sipRound = do { v0 += v1; rotl v1 13; v1 ^= v0; rotl v0 32
; v2 += v3; rotl v3 16; v3 ^= v2
; v0 += v3; rotl v3 21; v3 ^= v0
; v2 += v1; rotl v1 17; v1 ^= v2; rotl v2 32
where a += b = readSTRef b >>= \b' modifySTRef' a (+ b')
a ^= b = readSTRef b >>= \b' modifySTRef' a (`xor` b')
rotl x b = modifySTRef' x $
\n shiftL n b .|. shiftR n (64 - b)
-- Redefine ^= as non-monadic in second arg for the rest of the function.
let a ^= b = modifySTRef' a (`xor` b)
end flip fix bytes $ \loop nextBytes
let (chunk, remaining) = splitAt 8 nextBytes
m = take64Bits chunk
in if null remaining then return chunk
else do v3 ^= m
replicateM_ cRound sipRound
v0 ^= m
loop remaining
let b = shiftL (fromIntegral (length bytes)) 56 + take64Bits end
v3 ^= b
replicateM_ cRound sipRound
v0 ^= b
v2 ^= 0xff
replicateM_ dRound sipRound
v0' readSTRef v0
v1' readSTRef v1
v2' readSTRef v2
v3' readSTRef v3
return (v0' `xor` v1' `xor` v2' `xor` v3')
where take64Bits = fst . foldl' accum (0, 0) . take 8
where accum (word, idx) byte =
(word .|. shift (fromIntegral byte) (idx * 8), idx + 1)
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