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Created September 14, 2013 20:07
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Initial skeleton version of wmiirc.js, the user-modifiable configuration file for my node.js wmii config.
var dialog = require('./lib/dialog.js');
var wmii = require('./lib/wmii.js');
var wmiir = require('./lib/wmiir.js');
var modkey = 'Mod4';
var terminal = 'urxvt';
function attachModKey(mode) {
var newMode = {};
for (var key in mode) {
if (key.indexOf('+' === 0))
newMode[modkey + '-' + key.slice(1)] = mode[key];
newMode[key] = mode[key];
return newMode;
function tagctl(command) {
return function() {
wmiir.write('/tag/sel/ctl', command);
function clientctl(command) {
return function() {
wmiir.write('/tag/client/ctl', command);
wmii.defineAction('quit', function() {'Exit');
wmiir.write('/ctl', 'quit');
// The '+' will be replaced with the modkey in the actual keybindings.
var defaultMode = {
'+Left': tagctl('select left'),
'+Right': tagctl('select right'),
'+Up': tagctl('select up'),
'+Down': tagctl('select down'),
'+space': tagctl('select toggle'),
'+Shift-Left': tagctl('send sel left'),
'+Shift-Right': tagctl('send sel right'),
'+Shift-Up': tagctl('send sel up'),
'+Shift-Down': tagctl('send sel down'),
'+Shift-space': tagctl('send sel toggle'),
'+d': tagctl('colmode sel default-max'),
'+s': tagctl('colmode sel stack-max'),
'+m': tagctl('colmode sel stack+max'),
'+Shift-c': clientctl('kill'),
'+f': clientctl('Fullscreen toggle'),
'+Return': function() {wmiir.setsid(terminal);},
'+p': wmii.programsMenu,
'+a': wmii.actionsMenu
wmii.keys.defineMode('default', attachModKey(defaultMode));
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