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Last active February 25, 2021 02:18
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simple data work
pushd ../../raw
wc -l *.raw | awk '$1 < 6 {print $2}' > ../ner/wks/files.all
jq -r '.[].name' documents.json | awk '{gsub(/txt/,"raw"); print}' >
(defun read-lines (fn)
  (with-open-file (in fn)
    (loop for line = (read-line in nil nil)
	    while line
	    collect line)))

(let* ((al (read-lines "files.all"))
       (in (read-lines ""))
       (d  (set-difference al in :test #'equal)))
  (loop with len = (length d)
	  for x from 0 to 10 
	  collect (nth (random len) d)))
for f in $files; do cp ../../raw/$f upload/$(basename $f .raw).txt; done
putStrLn $ show (1 + 1)
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