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To install ImageMagick 7 on any distribution that supports AppImage, copy and paste this one-line script into your favourite shell:
bash -lic "wget -O /tmp/magick && chmod +x /tmp/magick && test \$(wget -qO- | grep 'rdf:about=\"magick\".*' -A6 | sed -rn 's/.*<digest:sha256>(.*?)<\/digest:sha256>/\1/p') = \$(sha256sum /tmp/magick | sed -r 's/(.*)\s(.*)/\1/') && (sudo mv /tmp/magick /usr/local/bin/ && echo 'ImageMagick 7 successfully installed.') || (rm /tmp/magick && echo 'Installation failed. Security error: message digest verification failed for ImageMagick 7 AppImage binary.')
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