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@ararog ararog/plot1.jl
Last active Nov 26, 2015

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Sample code that ilustrastes how plotting is done with Julia programming language.
# Installing and loading libraries if needed
using Gadfly
using DataFrames
using DataFramesMeta
using ZipFile
using HTTPClient.HTTPC
# Read computer available memory
#available_memory = memory.limit()
# Since this information has been provided in advance,
# I choose to not perform any extra work to guess them
number_of_rows = 2075259
number_of_cols = 9
bytes_per_cell = 8
data_size_bytes = number_of_rows * number_of_cols * bytes_per_cell
data_size_mb = data_size_bytes / (1024 ^ 2)
println("Checking if there's enough memory available")
#if data_size_mb > available_memory
# println("There's no available memory to load dataset required to run this script, exiting...")
# exit()
if ! isfile("")
println("Downloading dataset archive...")
HTTPC.get("", RequestOptions(ostream=""))
println("Dataset archive already downloaded, continuing")
if isfile("")
if ! isfile("household_power_consumption.txt")
println("Unzipping dataset archive")
r = ZipFile.Reader("");
for f in r.files
file = open(,"w")
write(file, readall(f))
println("Checking if household_power_consumption.txt exists...")
if isfile("household_power_consumption.txt")
classes = [UTF8String, UTF8String, Float64,
Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Float64]
println("Loading data")
eletricPowerData = readtable("household_power_consumption.txt",
separator = ';', header=true, eltypes = classes, nastrings = ["", "NA", "?"])
eletricPowerData_subset = @where(eletricPowerData, (:Date .== "1/2/2007") | (:Date .== "2/2/2007"))
println("Plotting data and saving the image to disk")
p = plot(eletricPowerData_subset, x="Global_active_power", Geom.histogram,
Guide.ylabel("Frequency"), Guide.xlabel("Global Active Power (kilowatts)"), Guide.title("Global Active Power"))
draw(PNG("plot1.png", 6inch, 3inch), p)
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