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Last active Apr 14, 2019
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Thoughts on depth texture in forward rendering in Unity

"Any thoughts on pulling a depth texture directly from a forward camera after opaque passes rather than using the pre pass?" (

Yeah, so there's several things that might complicate this:

  1. Screenspace ("deferred") shadows. These need depth texture, but you want to receive shadows while rendering opaque objects. So a depth pre-pass is the only option there. What we could do: remove (or make optional) the screenspace shadows; just directly sample & blend shadow cascades inside the shader. Increases register pressure, but has quite some benefits too (MSAA "just works", can do receiver plane bias, just works on transparencies etc.)
  2. Various "not quite standard" cases, like splitscreen cameras or other types of cameras that don't render to the whole render target. Probably not a common case though; if you have shadows & need depth, you likely also have postprocessing etc. So you're not rendering directly into some backbuffer anyway.
  3. The dreaded coordinate space differences, just flat-out doing this change can potentially break existing content. Making it optional might work though.

Another quite stupid thing we do today: that separate depth pass is not actually a z-prepass, i.e. we sometimes do not use the depth buffer out of it for later rendering! This is primarily due to non-fullscreen cameras, coordinate differences and dynamic batching (with dynamic batching, it has to happen "consistently" in all rendering passes, otherwise your Z precision won't match). So yeah that one is stupid.

What's the plan then?

Currently the plan is doing a "Scriptable Render Loop". This like command buffers, extended to work on whole sets of objects. We want to ship a few ("deferred", "tiled forward", "super simple, one light low-end") with full source. But you could build your own too. Want to do actual depth prepass and use that as a texture? Go for it. Custom G-buffer? Same. etc etc

But first, vacation :)

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lic1227 commented Oct 31, 2018

What does “ (with dynamic batching, it has to happen "consistently" in all rendering passes, otherwise your Z precision won't match).” accurate mean?Could you give more details on this,thanks!

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