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Last active Feb 19, 2020
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pp=powerplay_batting_df.groupby('year').apply(lambda x: x.shape[0] / x[x['runs']==6.shape[0] ).reset_index(name='no_of_balls')
middle=middle_batting_df.groupby('year').apply(lambda x: x.shape[0] / x[x['runs']==6].shape[0] ).reset_index(name='no_of_balls')
last=last_batting_df.groupby('year').apply(lambda x: x.shape[0] / x[x['runs']==6].shape[0] ).reset_index(name='no_of_balls')
# A python dictionary
data = {"Powerplay":pp['no_of_balls'].values,
"Middle overs":middle['no_of_balls'].values,
"Last 5 overs":last['no_of_balls'].values
index = last['year'].values
# Dictionary loaded into a DataFrame
dataFrame = pd.DataFrame(data=data, index=index);
# Draw a vertical bar chart
axes =, title="Avg no. of balls to hit 6")
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