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Last active Jul 23, 2020
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Python Script to Fetch the technologies of given domain using whatruns API and Wappalyzer Web Driver
import requests,json,ast
from Wappalyzer import Wappalyzer, WebPage
wappalyzer = Wappalyzer.latest()
Results = {}
## We are using `skip2` function which uses wappalyzer api functionality to fetch the results:
## Resons : Whatruns doesnt support ip,port , Whatruns doesn't support `url path based technology ex: ``
def Skip2(domain):
webpage = WebPage.new_from_url(str(domain))
res = wappalyzer.analyze(webpage)
Results[str(domain)] = res
### Reasons to like Whatruns : Accurate results, More Results compared to Wappalyzer.
def FetchTechnogolies(domain):
wappalyzer = Wappalyzer.latest()
session = requests.Session()
paramsPost = {"data":"{\"hostname\":\""+str(domain)+"\",\"url\":\""+str(domain)+"\",\"rawhostname\":\""+str(domain)+"\"}"}
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}
response ="", data=paramsPost, headers=headers)
loaded = json.loads(response.text)
if loaded['status']:
apps = ast.literal_eval(loaded['apps'])
except KeyError:
get_key = apps.keys()
step_2 = apps[list(get_key)[0]]
all_hooks = apps[list(get_key)[0]].keys()
for i in all_hooks:
for each_inter,each_category in enumerate(step_2[i]):
name = (each_category['name'])
version = (each_category['version'])
except KeyError:
version = None
Results[name] = version
return Results

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@arbazkiraak arbazkiraak commented Feb 7, 2019

{'Modernizr': '2.6.2',
 'jQuery': None,
 'Jquery Easing': None,
 'LazyLoad': None,
 'Jquery Waypoints': None,
 'Bootstrap': None,
 'Nginx': '1.14.1'}
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