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Add addOnItemClickListener easily to a RecyclerView using Kotlin
import android.view.View
interface OnItemClickListener {
fun onItemClicked(position: Int, view: View)
fun RecyclerView.addOnItemClickListener(onClickListener: OnItemClickListener) {
this.addOnChildAttachStateChangeListener(object: RecyclerView.OnChildAttachStateChangeListener {
override fun onChildViewDetachedFromWindow(view: View?) {
override fun onChildViewAttachedToWindow(view: View?) {
val holder = getChildViewHolder(view)
onClickListener.onItemClicked(holder.adapterPosition, view)
// Usage:
recyclerView.addOnItemClickListener(object: OnItemClickListener {
override fun onItemClicked(position: Int, view: View) {
// Your logic
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RonnyKibet1 commented Oct 29, 2018

Just awesome! Thank you

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samuelhoug commented Nov 9, 2018

Thanks, you saved me

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kashyapasrc commented Jan 8, 2019

Thanks, Saved my day
But how to identify child view instead on itemView.

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majedalmoqbeli commented Apr 3, 2019

Thank you .

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fvmzr commented Jun 22, 2019

Thank you , Save my day

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varadmondkar commented Jul 24, 2019

This is very helpful. Thank you.

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Puneet1796 commented Sep 20, 2019

Well, That's pretty straight forward and short. Nice work man, 👍

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yushman commented Oct 22, 2019

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kiviabrito commented Jan 7, 2020

Great! I just needed to remove the null exceptions(?) and it works great. Thank you!!

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OwloneDev commented Aug 10, 2020

Great! I just needed to remove the null exceptions(?) and it works great. Thank you!!

It helped me too! Thanks to the author!!!

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Real-young-man commented Aug 31, 2020


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ardiansah21 commented Oct 3, 2020

Thanks man... you save my day

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nishchaljs commented Nov 12, 2020

Thanks a lot!!!

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yancorrea1995 commented Apr 1, 2022

Thank you!!

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ramdaramda commented Jun 11, 2022

perfect, thanks a lot

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