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Last active Apr 17, 2021
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Starter Dockerfile with ZSH (Alpine)
# Setup Stage - set up the ZSH environment for optimal developer experience
FROM alpine:latest AS setup
# Let scripts know we're running in Docker (useful for containerised development)
# Use the unprivileged `main` user (created without a password ith `-D`) for safety
RUN adduser -D main
RUN mkdir -p /app \
&& chown -R main:main /app
# Set up ZSH and our preferred terminal environment for containers
RUN apk --no-cache add zsh curl git
RUN mkdir -p /home/main/.antigen
RUN curl -L > /home/main/.antigen/antigen.zsh
# Use my starter Docker ZSH config file for this, or your own ZSH configuration file (
COPY /home/main/.zshrc
RUN chown -R main:main /home/main/.antigen /home/main/.zshrc
# Set up ZSH as the unprivileged user (we just need to start it, it'll initialise our setup itself)
USER main
RUN /bin/zsh /home/main/.zshrc
# Switch back to root for whatever else we're doing
USER root
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arctic-hen7 commented Apr 15, 2021

If you're using NodeJS, use this instead, it uses the node user by default, and does everything else identically.

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arctic-hen7 commented Apr 15, 2021

This Dockerfile needs a ZSH configuration at You can either provide a copy of your own existing ZSH config, or you can use my starter config from here.

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