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Experiment to see 247 Tamil letters mapped into a 4x3 Telephone keypad.
# Code for blog post:
# This code is in Public Domain.
from math import factorial as f
from math import log
def comb(n, k):
return (f(n) / f(k)) / f(n - k)
def nck(n,k):
return comb(float(n),float(k))
C1 = nck(19,4)*nck(13,3)
print "C1", C1
C2 = nck(13,4)*nck(19,3)
print "C2", C2
print "Total=",C1+C2
print "Logaritmic capacity for 247 letters = ",log(247.0)/log(2.0)
print "Grand total", f(3)*f(4.0)*(C1+C2)
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