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Simple Font-Based Encoding Detection using Open-Tamil
# This code is in Public Domain.
# It requires installation of Open-Tamil module from Python Package Index.
# Currently Tamil text is saved in Unicode format but it wasn't always like this.
# If you have some of the old encoding formats like TAM, TAB, ISCII etc. you can
# use the encoding converters from Open-Tamil (inspired by ones from Suratha, and late Gopi of
# The following code demonstrates the decoding process
# using an intensive search algorithm written by Arulalan, T.
import tamil
data="""¸¡Äõ ºïº¢¨¸Â¢ý Å¡Øõ ¾Á¢ú: ¾Á¢úôÒò¾¸í¸Ç¢ý Å¢üÀ¨ÉÔõ ¸ñ¸¡ðº¢Ôõ
ãýÈ¡õ ¬ñÎ ÌÁ¡÷ ã÷ò¾¢ ¿¢¨É×ô§ÀÕ¨Ã: ¦¾Ç¢Åò¨¾ §Â¡ºô"""
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