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Use RealityServer Importers in Iray Viewer

Using RealityServer Importers in Iray Viewer


Iray Viewer is an extremely useful tool for testing scene data and experimenting with settings in an interactive fashion. However the default importers that ship with Iray Viewer have significant issues. The importers that are shipped with RealityServer are much better and in general should be used instead. This guide covers how to disable the importers provided with Iray Viewer and install those provided with RealityServer instead.


Follow these steps to setup the importers correctly.


Copy the following files from the specified location in your RealityServer directory, to the specified location in your Iray Viewer installation.

RealityServer Location Iray Viewer Location
nt-x86-64\bin\assimp-vc142-mt.dll Windows-x86-64\assimp-vc140-mt.dll
nt-x86-64\bin\assimp-vc142-mt.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\lib\assimp-vc140-mt.dll
nt-x86-64\bin\usd_ms.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\lib\usd_ms.dll
nt-x86-64\bin\tbb.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\lib\tbb.dll
nt-x86-64\bin\usd Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\lib\usd
plugins\assimp-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\assimp-nt-x86-64.dll
plugins\obj_importer-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\obj_importer-nt-x86-64.dll
plugins\gltf_importer-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\gltf_importer-nt-x86-64.dll
plugins\gltf_exporter-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\gltf_exporter-nt-x86-64.dll
plugins\usd_importer-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\usd_importer-nt-x86-64.dll
plugins\usd_exporter-nt-x86-64.dll Windows-x86-64\nt-x86-64\plugins\usd_exporter-nt-x86-64.dll
mdl\material_examples Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\material_examples
mdl\assimp.mdl Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\assimp.mdl
mdl\obj.mdl Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\obj.mdl
mdl\white.png Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\white.png
mdl\black.png Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\black.png
mdl\migenius Windows-x86-64\data\mdl\migenius

Delete or Rename

To prevent Iray Viewer from loading the old importers you need to rename or delete the plugins associated with them. Delete or rename (if you want to potentially restore their use later) the following two files in your Iray Viewer installation if they exist.

Iray Viewer File

NOTE this step is important. If you do not do this then Iray Viewer will load both plugins and because they are assoicated with some of the same extensions it will not be clear which is being used.


After performing the above steps, when you to to open a file in Iray Viewer you should see a large number of formats available prefixed with Assimp importer as well as two for migenius Obj importer and migenius Mtl importer. You should now get much better results when importing files in formats such as OBJ, glTF 2.0 and FBX in Iray Viewer.

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