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A list of special folder names in the Unity Editor.

Scripting namespaces

UnityEditor namespace:

  • ./Editor
  • ./Plugins/Editor
  • ./Standard Assets/Editor
  • ./Pro Standard Assets/Editor

(can we have an "Editor" folder elsewhere? probably not)

Native plugins:

  • ./Plugins
  • ./Plugins/x86
  • ./Plugins/x86_64
  • ./Plugins/Android
  • ./Plugins/iOS

Compilation order

Manual page

First pass:

  • ./Standard Assets
  • ./Standard Assets (mobile)
  • ./Plugins
  • ./Pro Standard Assets

First pass, part two:

  • ./Standard Assets/Editor
  • ./Pro Standard Assets/Editor
  • ./Plugins/Editor

Main pass:

  • All other scripts not in "Editor"

Final pass:

  • ./Editor

Asset management



Editor assets

Gizmos (textures usable by Gizmos.DrawIcon)


WebPlayerTemplates (no scripts will compile, see manual)


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