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Last active January 20, 2017 12:23
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Docker AMI Build with Packer
set -ex
echo "Gathering AWS Credentials..."
AWS_ACCESS_KEY=$(aws configure get aws_access_key_id --profile=$1)
AWS_SECRET_KEY=$(aws configure get aws_secret_access_key --profile=$1)
AWS_REGION=$(aws configure get region --profile=$1)
AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=$(aws ec2 describe-security-groups --group-names 'Default' --query 'SecurityGroups[0].OwnerId' --output text --profile=$1)
echo "AWS Account ID: $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID"
echo "AWS Access Key ID: $AWS_ACCESS_KEY"
echo "AWS Secret Access Key ID: $AWS_SECRET_KEY"
echo "AWS Region: $AWS_REGION"
packer build \
-var "aws_access_key=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY" \
-var "aws_secret_key=$AWS_SECRET_KEY" \
-var "aws_account_id=$AWS_ACCOUNT_ID" \
-var "aws_region=$AWS_REGION" \
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