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Created Jul 29, 2012
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#! /usr/bin/env bash
# build MooTools
packager build Core/Class \
Core/Class.Extras \
Core/Element \
Core/Element.Event \
Core/DOMReady \
-blocks 1.2compat 1.3compat '!ES5' '!ES5-bind' \
IE ltIE9 ltIE8 firefox ltFF4 webkit > core.js
# build moofx
npm install moofx
npm install wrapup
./node_modules/.bin/wrup -r moofx ./node_modules/moofx >> core.js
# add moofx adapter
echo -e "Element.implement('animate', function(){ \n \
var moo = moofx(this); \n \
moo.animate.apply(moo, arguments); \n \
return this; \n \
});" >> core.js
# minify
npm install uglify-js
./node_modules/.bin/uglifyjs core.js > core.min.js
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