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class S1AreaFractionTop_he(Lichen):
"""Cut between the 0.05th and the 99.9th percentile of the population in the parameter space Z vs S1AFT
Contact: Arianna Rocchetti.
Cut defined above cs1>200.
version = 1
def _process(df):
print("Warning: Cut defined above cs1>200. ")
def f1(x):
f1 = -280.1*x**2 + 463.3 * x - 148.2
return f1
def f2(x):
f2 = -984.9*x**2 + 668.3* x - 114.8
return f2
df['f1_x'] = f1(df.x)
df['f2_x'] = f2(df.x)
df =df[df.y > df.f1_x ]
df =df[df.y < df.f2_x ]
return df
I return the dataframe that passes the cuts. I would like to get the same dataframe with another variable for each row, bool, that is it passes the cut it’s True, if not, False.
df['f1_x'] = f1(df.x)
df['f2_x'] = f2(df.x)
if ((df.y > df.f1_x) & (df.y < df.f2_x )):
df['cut_bool'] = True
df['cut_bool'] = False
return df
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