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Hi all,

I've been asked by a few people last week what's going on between Chaincode and myself after posting the Jackson Lewis letter. Last Friday, I had Alex Morcos reach out by mail to announce the cancellation of my invitation to the upcoming LN Summit organized by NYDIG in June.

The exchange of emails is available here:

This is one more element after months of (un)kindness between some folks in the Bitcoin space and myself. While the initial quarrel started from a personal matter, it turns out in the resolution of it I've come to question how some people might use their Bitcoin public status and prerogatives, I believe not always in line with the FOSS standards and beyond. Especially, in the light of how another veteran Bitcoin developer announced a sudden departure from the stage a bit more than

nlocktime: 0
inputs: N
outputs 0:
amount : `inputs sum`
P = muSig(A, B, C, D)
scripts = []

Mitigating Tx-Relay Jamming for Time-Sensitive Contract Protocols

The last few years have seen few new protocols spawning up in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The goal range is quite wide : payment systems (Lightning Network, statechain), asset management (vaults) financial instrument (DLC), privacy-enhancement tool (Coinswap). Those time-sensitive contract protocols are designed around the same model.

They involve a fixed set of participants, which negotiate state changes locally, only relying on the blockchain in case of disagreement. These state changes are encoded in pre-signed transactions. Timelocks are used to encumber them and thus order concurrent state transitions. Their security lean

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OTS proof for the digital card of Bitcoin PR Review Club
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