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Last active Nov 11, 2017
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Data oriented defedntask for boot-clj, sample (macro not included)
(def env-web-prod {:resource-paths #{"resources"}
:source-paths #{"src/web" "src/shared"}
:dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0-alpha14"]
[adzerk/boot-cljs "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.9.456" :scope "test"]
[org.clojure/test.check "0.9.0"] ;; AR - at the moment we need it, see
[adzerk/env "0.4.0"]
[binaryage/oops "0.5.2"]
[cljsjs/d3 "4.3.0-3"]
[cljsjs/intersections "1.0.0-0"]
[reagent "0.6.0"]]})
(def conf-web-prod {:env env-web-prod
:pipeline '(adzerk.boot-cljs/cljs)
:cljs {:source-map true
:optimizations :advanced
:compiler-options {:closure-defines {"goog.DEBUG" false}
;; :elide-asserts true
:pseudo-names true ;; TODO set to false for prod
:pretty-print false
:source-map-timestamp true
:parallel-build true
:verbose true
:compiler-stats true}}})
(def env-web-dev (update env-web-prod :dependencies
'[[powerlaces/boot-figreload "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]
[adzerk/boot-cljs-repl "0.3.3" :scope "test"]
[com.cemerick/piggieback "0.2.1" :scope "test"]
[weasel "0.7.0" :scope "test"]
[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.12" :scope "test"]
[binaryage/devtools "0.8.3" :scope "test"]
[powerlaces/boot-cljs-devtools "0.1.3-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]
[pandeiro/boot-http "0.7.6" :scope "test"]
[crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test "0.2.2" :scope "test"]]))
(def conf-web-dev
{:env env-web-dev
:pipeline '(comp (pandeiro.boot-http/serve)
:reload {:client-opts {:debug true}}
:cljs-repl {:nrepl-opts {:port 5088}}
:cljs {:source-map true
:optimizations :none
:compiler-options {:external-config
{:devtools/config {:features-to-install [:formatters :hints]
:fn-symbol "λ"
:print-config-overrides true}}}}})
(boot/defedntask build-web
"Build the web artifact with production configuration"
(boot/defedntask dev-web
"Start the web interactive environment"
[f foo-mode bool "Enable foo."] ;; options to tasks are allowed
(if foo-mode
(-> conf-web-dev
(update-in [:env :source-paths] into "dev")
(assoc-in [:cljs :optimizations] foo-mode))

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@teaforthecat teaforthecat commented Nov 11, 2017

This looks interesting, were's the macro?

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