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Use the original Nord Modular Editor with OSX

Use the original Nord Modular Editor with OSX


  • Homebrew


Confirmed working with

  • XQuarts 2.77
  • Nord Editor 3.03
  • Wine 1.9.23

This configuration works with

  • OSX 10.11.6
  • iConnectivity mio MIDI adapter

It does NOT work with:

  • Tascam US 2x2 Interface


1 Install XQuartz


2. Install Nord Modular Editor

Install Windows version


Install to /Applications/Nord\ Modular/

3. Install Wine

brew install --build-from-source wine

5. Startup Script

edit /Applications/Nord\ Modular/nm

Contents of script:

wine /Applications/Nord\ Modular/Nord\ Modular\ Editor\ v3.03.exe

Then run this line to make the script executable:

chmod +x /Applications/Nord\ Modular/nm


/Applications/Nord\ Modular/nm

or click on the script in Finder


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cannc4 commented Jan 28, 2020

Hey.. Are you sure this works on MacOS10?
Throws me a bad CPU type in executable: wine

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