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Last active November 1, 2016 16:03
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* The configuration options for the Shoestrap Customizer
function shoestrap_customizer_config() {
$args = array(
// Change the logo image. (URL)
// If omitted, the default theme info will be displayed.
// A good size for the logo is 250x50.
'logo_image' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/assets/img/logo.png',
// The color of active menu items, help bullets etc.
'color_active' => '#1abc9c',
// Color used for secondary elements and desable/inactive controls
'color_light' => '#8cddcd',
// Color used for button-set controls and other elements
'color_select' => '#34495e',
// Color used on slider controls and image selects
'color_accent' => '#FF5740',
// The generic background color.
// You should choose a dark color here as we're using white for the text color.
'color_back' => '#222',
// If Kirki is embedded in your theme, then you can use this line to specify its location.
// This will be used to properly enqueue the necessary stylesheets and scripts.
// If you are using kirki as a plugin then please delete this line.
'url_path' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/kirki/',
// If you want to take advantage of the backround control's 'output',
// then you'll have to specify the ID of your stylesheet here.
// The "ID" of your stylesheet is its "handle" on the wp_enqueue_style() function.
'stylesheet_id' => 'shoestrap',
return $args;
add_filter( 'kirki/config', 'shoestrap_customizer_config' );
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