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terraform null_resource for automatically setting up Cilium + EKS via Cilium CLI

Install Cilium on EKS


ENI Mode

The example auto-installs cilium into EKS with the default ENI "datapath" (aka - "mode").

Be sure to roll/restart all running pods upon successful installation. Cilium will restart "unamanaged" pods, but that doesn't mean all pods will get restarted.

In this mode, you'll avoid a bunch of the pain that comes with the aws-vpc-cni, and it should be sufficient for most people, and a diverse range of workloads.

Overlay Mode

If you want a fully overlaid/virtualized network, then these settings should work for EKS, out-of-the-box:

cilium install \
        --context ${local.eks_kubectx_alias} \
        --cluster-name ${var.env_name} \
        --datapath-mode tunnel \
        --helm-set \
        --helm-set${var.env_name} \
        --helm-set egressMasqueradeInterfaces=eth0 \
        --helm-set encryption.nodeEncryption=false \
        --helm-set hubble.enabled=true \
        --helm-set hubble.relay.enabled=true \
        --helm-set hubble.ui.enabled=true \
        --helm-set kubeProxyReplacement=strict \
        --helm-set operator.replicas=1 \
        --helm-set tunnel=geneve \
        --helm-set \

The advantage of this approach is that you effectively bypass the pod limits imposed on EC2 Worker Nodes. EKS Worker Node pod counts are constrained by the number of ENIs + IP addresses that an instance type (or size) can support. By using this installation mode, that constraint no longer applies.

🔴IMPORTANT❗🔴 --> If you choose to go this way, be advised that you will need to change certain controllers (like karpenter or aws-load-balancer-controller) by setting hostNetwork: true --> otherwise, the EKS control plane won't be able to communicate with nodes using things like webhooks!

# !!This assumes that you're using terraform's AWS EKS module to create EKS clusters!
resource "null_resource" "setup_cilium" {
depends_on = [module.eks.cluster_endpoint]
triggers = {
cluster_id = module.eks.cluster_id
cluster_oidc_issuer_url = module.eks.cluster_oidc_issuer_url
vpc_cni_addon = local.default_cluster_addons["vpc-cni"].addon_version
provisioner "local-exec" {
command = <<EOF
# update kubeconfig
echo "Adding/updating kubeconfig for env..."
aws eks --region ${var.region} update-kubeconfig --name ${var.env_name} --alias ${local.eks_kubectx_alias}
## Wannabe async/await pattern, incoming! 🫠😬
# Check readiness for deployments
for deployment in coredns ebs-csi-controller; do
while true; do
replicas="$(kubectl -n kube-system get deployment "$deployment" -o jsonpath='{.status.replicas}')"
readyReplicas="$(kubectl -n kube-system get deployment "$deployment" -o jsonpath='{.status.readyReplicas}')"
echo "desiredNumberScheduled: $desiredNumberScheduled"
echo "numberReady: $numberReady"
if [[ "$replicas" == "$readyReplicas" ]]; then
echo "Deployment $deployment is ready."
echo "Waiting for deployment $deployment to be ready..."
sleep 5
) &
# Check readiness for daemonsets
for daemonset in aws-node kube-proxy; do
while true; do
desiredNumberScheduled="$(kubectl -n kube-system get daemonset "$daemonset" -o jsonpath='{.status.desiredNumberScheduled}')"
numberReady="$(kubectl -n kube-system get daemonset "$daemonset" -o jsonpath='{.status.numberReady}')"
echo "desiredNumberScheduled: $desiredNumberScheduled"
echo "numberReady: $numberReady"
if [[ "$desiredNumberScheduled" == "$numberReady" ]]; then
echo "Daemonset $daemonset is ready."
echo "Waiting for daemonset $daemonset to be ready..."
sleep 5
) &
# Wait for all readiness checks to complete
echo "All specified deployments and daemonsets are ready."
# Install Cilium
echo "Installing Cilium..."
cilium install --context ${local.eks_kubectx_alias} --cluster-name ${var.env_name}
cilium hubble enable --ui
cilium status --wait
echo "Cilium installed successfully, cluster & cluster networking are ready!"
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