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Load tweets into Spark and filter
# Extract tweets from MongoDB
allTweets = []
for doc in db.tweets.find():
# Load tweets into Spark for analysis
allTweetsRDD = sc.parallelize(allTweets, 8)
# Set up filter to only get tweets from the last week
limit = - datetime.timedelta(days=DAYS_LIMIT)
limit_unixtime = time.mktime(limit.timetuple())
# Filter tweets to get rid of those who either have no hashtags or are too old
tweetsWithTagsRDD = allTweetsRDD.filter(lambda t: len(t['entities']['hashtags']) > 0)
filteredTweetsRDD = tweetsWithTagsRDD.filter(lambda t: time.mktime(parser.parse(t['created_at']).timetuple()) > limit_unixtime)
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