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Last active Mar 2, 2020
A collection of links with possible evidence of ancient technology world wide


This page serves as a scratchpad for links to web pages and videos documenting megaliths (mega=big lith=stone). I became interested in the topic of ancient high technology early in 2018 and started to collect links.

I would initially not have believed that there are so many locations all over the world showing structures with very high precision and extremely heavy stones, but the list is just growing day by day. This page attempts to document some of this by linking to the pages and videos available on the topic.

Before starting the "journey", it is worth mentioning some of the top sources of information (although there are many others). First, the YouTube channel of Brien Foerster is worth mentioning. Brien Foerster lives in Peru and introduced me (via his videos) to the many fantastic sites in Peru and Bolivia. A natural starting point below will therefore be Peru and Bolivia. The second source of information is the YouTube channel of [An

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