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How to track form abandonment with RevRise Form Analytics

Simple and brief introduction to new customers of RevRise Form Analytics

Start tracking form abandonment

1. Copy paste the code

Copy paste the following code to the bottom of all the pages on the site(s) you want to track. Place it just before </body>.

2. Define your web forms

You need to define the forms that you want to measure with the attribute data-rr-name="form-name".

If you have an ajax form, ie, a form that does not perform a regular HTTP POST but instead changes the page on submit, you have to add the attribute data-rr-ajax="true".

3. Test and confirm

Fill in the form you track, or simply select a field in it. The data is collected in real time, however, you need to refresh the diagram page to see the latest data.

We will gladly confirm your integration or support you. Simply e-mail and we´ll make sure everything is setup correctly.

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