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Custom order data example - AJAX sender
Step 1. Add an AJAX POST request to the add to cart click event.
Resolves through the then() method once the data has been saved. You'll need to
write some jQuery to fill in the "dynamicValues" object according to your own markup
jQuery('.wps-add-to-cart').on('click', function(e) {
method: 'POST',
url: 'http://wpstest.test/wp/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php', // This needs to point to the admin-ajax.php file within your WordPress setup.
dataType: 'json',
data: {
action: 'save_dynamic_values_to_session',
dynamicValues: { // Dynamically grab this data according to your unique setup
dynamicValue1: 'Hello!',
dynamicValue2: 'Greetings!'
}).then(function(data) {
console.log('Data has been saved');
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