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arogulin / privacy.txt
Created December 3, 2023 03:52
Privacy Policy
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# Privacy Policy
I'm not interested in collecting any personal information. I believe such information is yours and yours alone. I do not store or transmit your personal details, nor do I include any advertising or analytics software that talks to third parties.
# What Information Is Collected?
This application does not collect any personal information or connect to the internet.
arogulin /
Last active November 13, 2020 18:10
Jenkins plugins outage workaround when using helm chart

As Jenkins download center for plugins is down since November 12, you can modify your values for helm chart by adding the following initContainerEnv block:

    - name: JENKINS_UC
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Last active October 11, 2023 10:16
How to setup Vortex Race 3 keyboard for Mac and move Fn key to Home

How to setup Vortex Race 3 for Mac with latest (on 2020-01-05) firmare V1.02.05.

For better understanding we will use the following naming convention:

  [ L1 ][ L2 ][ L3 ][ Space ][ R1 ][ R2 ][ R3 ]
  1. Reset everything by pressing L3+R1 for 5 seconds. Left LED will blink white color while you're holding the keys. Release them after it stopeed blinking.
  2. Get into one of the programmable layers (R2+RShift) – I like red, the super bright laser LED is the least super annoying in red.
  3. Put the keyboard in Windows Mode (Pn+W), it's the least problematic one.
arogulin /
Last active May 29, 2018 07:14
How to profile java app inside docker container on remote host protected by firewall
  1. Restart the app with the following JVM arguments:
View gist:d2875d6f8bcba4de8b95ecbda5e2d46a
On 64-bit JVM all objects will require a multiple of 8 bytes: 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, 56, 64, etc.
Empty String: 24 bytes
String itself:
24 bytes = 8 bytes "headers" + (4 bytes "size" + 4 bytes "hash" - not anymore since Java 8) + 4 bytes "value reference" + 4 bytes "padding to make 20 to become multiple of 8".
0 bytes = does not cost any memory for this string, because it's shared empty char array, used by all empty strings.
String with 3 chars: 48 bytes
String itself:
24 bytes = 8 bytes "headers" + 4 bytes "size" + 4 bytes "hash" + 4 bytes "value reference" + 4 bytes "padding to make 20 to become multiple of 8".
arogulin / gist:43e9a6d4768a302a8029891981224665
Last active May 9, 2018 01:37
Machine Learning Cheat Sheet
View gist:43e9a6d4768a302a8029891981224665
Pandas methods:
- - quick description about data and amount of non-null values.
- df['category_field'].value_counts() - shows all categories and how many rows share each category.
- df.describe() - show summary of numerical attributes.
- df.hist(bins=50, figsize=(20,15)) - plots a histogram for each numerical attribute.
- df.where(df['age'] < 100, 100, inplace=True) - where the condition is false - replaces the value with the second argument.
- df.mask(df['age'] > 100, 100, inplace=True) - the opposite of where().
- df.corr() - returns linear correlation matrix between every pair of attributes
cm = df.corr()