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@aronduby aronduby/API.php
Created Nov 14, 2018

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// require autoload
* Setup Redis for PubSub for events
$redis = new Predis\Client();
$pub = new Publisher($redis, 'pintourny', $subdomain);
$pub->send('event.type', $someData);
// this is the file in it's entirity, it just echos from the php publisher
var redis = require("redis"),
listener = redis.createClient(),
io = require('').listen(773,{
'close timeout': 3600, // 60 minutes to re-open a closed connection
'browser client minification': true,
'browser client etag': true,
'browser client gzip': true
io.sockets.on('connection', function(socket){
var domain =,
sub_domain = domain.split('.').shift();
listener.on('message', function(channel, evt){
evt = JSON.parse(evt);
var type = evt.type,
data =,
room =;, data);
class Publisher {
public $pub;
public $channel;
public $room;
public function __construct($pub, $channel, $room){
if(!method_exists($pub, 'publish'))
throw new InvalidArgumentException('Pub must be an object with a publish method');
$this->pub = $pub;
$this->channel = $channel;
$this->room = $room;
public function send($type, $msg){
$evt = new StdClass();
$evt->room = $this->room;
$evt->type = $type;
$evt->data = $msg;
return $this->pub->publish($this->channel, json_encode($evt));

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aronduby commented Nov 14, 2018

the subdomain variable is just a room to split connections up to within This was used as part of a service where individual things would be hosted under unique subdomains

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