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GSoC'21 Work Product Report

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GSoC'21 Work Product Report

Name Arpitsinh Vaghela
Project Integrating Pandas into Syft
Organisation logo OpenMined
Mentor Mahava Jay, Tudor Cebere

About the project

Integrating a library into syft requires:

  • Protobufs for types; that are communicated between the nodes.
  • Wrapper class for these types with a method to serialize (object2proto) and deserialize (proto2object).
  • List of modules, classes, functions/methods to support.


The above mention process is tedious and time-consuming, parts of it were automated and the following were the goals of the project,

  • Allow definition outside of syft codebase wherever possible
  • Provide tooling which generates defaults automatically
  • Allow for opt-in importing of a target library
  • Package support should be able to be defined as a JSON like a configuration file
  • A separate Deny list should be built which contains all known library/methods which are potentially insecure and prevents their use by default

This would make adding support for any library to syft easier.


  1. Move statsmodels support out of Syft core

    • Move library support for statsmodels from syft.lib into its own new package packages/syft-libs/syft-statsmodels.
    • Add library support into syft AST from a config JSON file.
    • PyScaffold Extension to generate library support packages syft-XYZ with a custom directory structure.
  2. Added Denylist Utilities

    • Allow syft to internally deny methods and classes that may give rise to security issues.
  3. CI to test external lib support packages and Meta Package

    • CI to test library support packages.
    • Meta package that on installation installs all support packages in packages/syft-libs.
    $ pip install syft-lib
    # installs syft-pandas, syft-xgboost ...
  4. Union and Primitive Type Support

    To support a method/function, syft ast requires (method_path,return_type) tuple.

    • If a method returns a python primitive the path to return_type is expected to be syft.lib.python.Dict rather than dict, this conversion was automated.
    • If the return type is a Union then it is expected to be instance of UnionGenerator, i.e, Union[int, float] => UnionGenerator[syft.lib.python.Int, syft.lib.python.Float], this conversion was automated.
  5. Generate exploration Notebooks within the package

    To automate the process of generating lib ast, the paths to classes, modules, and methods with its return_type are autogenerated using a script. If the script fails to get a return_type for a function it creates notebooks to help retrieve the return_type dynamically. On running an update script the config JSON is updated based on these notebooks.

    • Updated the extension to add all these exploration notebooks to the _missing_return directory.
  6. Long Short Path

    There can be multiple paths from which a class/function can be accessed, however, if there is a missing return_type in methods of a class one would have to update the return_type in all the paths from which the class/function can be accessed.

    • Updated the JSON generation script and the update script to add return_type changes to all these paths based on the return_type changes made to the original path.
  7. Recursive Wrapper (Open)

    • Generate Wrapper Class based on attributes of the type/class without a need to create a proto for the type.
  8. Add Support for Pandas (Open)

  9. Add Support for Petlib and Opacus (Open)

Future Improvements/Work

  • Add support for all pandas Indexes and Indexer (eg, _LocIndexer)/
  • Add support for Window, Groupby, and Resampling.
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