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This is the work done by me during the GSOC period at C3G.

Google Summer of Code 2020 with C3G.



I worked at C3G during Google Summer of Code 2020 under the guidance of Dr. Pierre-Olivier Quirion. I worked on the HPC infrastruture to deploy the Genpipes Software on Openstack.

The project goal is to set up the infrastructure and software stack to run Genpipes in any cloud environment.

I started with Openstack and worked on previous as well as new versions of the ComputeCanada's MagicCastle project to stabilise current code and add feature for bioinformatic specific purpose. The last part of the work was more experimental and tested the possibility of deploying the beegfs parallel file system in a mock version of the magic castle project.

The project was built using terraform, puppet and cloud-init.



I have got to learn a lot about HPC environment, Puppet, Terraform and File Systems while working on this project. There is still lots of improvements needed to the project which I will continue working after the GSOC is over.

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MehulKChaudhari commented Jan 16, 2021

Hello, I am a beginner can you please explain to me what the project is. I would really love to contribute to it.

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