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Created Sep 28, 2016
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Small change to Gist made by
import os
import xcb
from xcb.xproto import *
from PIL import Image, ImageFilter
def screenshot():
os.system('import -window root /tmp/.i3lock.png')
def xcb_fetch_windows():
""" Returns an array of rects of currently visible windows. """
x = xcb.connect()
root = x.get_setup().roots[0].root
rects = []
# iterate through top-level windows
for child in x.core.QueryTree(root).reply().children:
# make sure we only consider windows that are actually visible
attributes = x.core.GetWindowAttributes(child).reply()
if attributes.map_state != XCB_MAP_STATE_VIEWABLE:
rects += [x.core.GetGeometry(child).reply()]
return rects
def obscure_image(image):
""" Obscures the given image. """
image = image.filter(ImageFilter.GaussianBlur(4))
return image
def obscure(rects):
""" Takes an array of rects to obscure from the screenshot. """
image ='/tmp/.i3lock.png')
for rect in rects:
if rect.x+rect.width < 1 or rect.y+rect.height < 1:
area = (
rect.x, rect.y,
rect.x + rect.width,
rect.y + rect.height
cropped = image.crop(area)
cropped = obscure_image(cropped)
image.paste(cropped, area)'/tmp/.i3lock.png')
def lock_screen():
os.system('i3lock -i /tmp/.i3lock.png')
if __name__ == '__main__':
# 1: Take a screenshot.
# 2: Get the visible windows.
rects = xcb_fetch_windows()
# 3: Process the screenshot.
# 4: Lock the screen
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