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Sublime Text 2 - build commands for bibtex and clean auxiliary files
// It's saved under path_to_Packages/User/
"cmd": ["bibtex", "$file_base_name"],
"path": "$PATH:/usr/texbin:/usr/local/bin",
"file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]+): ([0-9]*)([^\\.]+)",
"selector": "text.tex.latex"
// It's saved under path_to_Packages/User/
"cmd": ["latexmk","-CA","$file"],
"path": "$PATH:/usr/texbin:/usr/local/bin",
"file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]+): ([0-9]*)([^\\.]+)",
"selector": "text.tex.latex"
// KeyBindings - User
// You should add the lines above without brackets to your keybindings (user) file or only download the file
// and overwrite it. Set the shortcuts the way you want.
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+b"], "command": "run_build", "args":{"build_system":"Packages/User/Bibtex.sublime-build"}},
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+l"], "command": "run_build", "args":{"build_system":"Packages/User/CleanTexFiles.sublime-build"}}
# It's saved under path_to_Packages/User/
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
class RunBuildCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):
def run(self, build_system):
self.window.run_command( "set_build_system", {"file": build_system } )
self.window.run_command( "build" )
# all credits for these guys =)

dpo commented Dec 14, 2012

Can't make this work under OSX. Is there anything else to it? I placed and CleanTexFiles.sublime-build in my Packages/User and also changed the key binding to cmd+shift+l but nothing happens. Sorry for my ignorance about ST2...

On another note, the argument -CA to latexmk is obsolete and should be replaced with just -C.

dpo commented Dec 15, 2012

Finally made it work after much fiddling. ST2 seriously lacks documentation on this.

Here's a modified version of this & dpo's gist, with bibtex support added back in.

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