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Index iCloud Photo Library (Pythonista)
import json
import photos
import dialogs
# Run this from within Pythonista on iOS.
types = ["image", "video", "audio", "unknown"]
include_hidden = True
def get_assets(type):
assets = reversed(photos.get_assets(media_type=type, include_hidden=include_hidden))
return [{
"date": p.creation_date.isoformat(),
"type": p.media_type,
"subtypes": p.media_subtypes,
"favorite": p.favorite,
"hidden": p.hidden,
"duration": p.duration,
"width": p.pixel_width,
"height": p.pixel_height
} for p in assets]
result = []
for type in types:
result = result + get_assets(type)
result = sorted(result, key=lambda p: p["date"])
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