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My CSSComb config
"remove-empty-rulesets": true,
"always-semicolon": true,
"color-case": "lower",
"block-indent": " ",
"color-shorthand": true,
"element-case": "lower",
"eof-newline": false,
"leading-zero": true,
"quotes": "double",
"sort-order-fallback": "abc",
"space-before-colon": "",
"space-after-colon": " ",
"space-before-combinator": " ",
"space-after-combinator": " ",
"space-between-declarations": "\n",
"space-before-opening-brace": " ",
"space-after-opening-brace": "\n",
"space-after-selector-delimiter": "\n",
"space-before-selector-delimiter": "",
"space-before-closing-brace": "\n",
"strip-spaces": true,
"tab-size": true,
"unitless-zero": true,
"vendor-prefix-align": true
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