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module GenePoker
RnaAlphabet = %w(G A U C)
IupacComprehensions = {
' ' => '|',
'N' => '.',
'R' => '[AG]',
'Y' => '[UC]',
'H' => '[^G]',
AminoCodes = {
"Ala" => "GCN",
"Leu" => "UUR CUN",
"Arg" => "CGN AGR",
"Lys" => "AAR",
"Asn" => "AAY",
"Met" => "AUG",
"Asp" => "GAY",
"Phe" => "UUY",
"Cys" => "UGY",
"Pro" => "CCN",
"Gln" => "CAR",
"Ser" => "UCN AGY",
"Glu" => "GAR",
"Thr" => "ACN",
"Gly" => "GGN",
"Trp" => "UGG",
"His" => "CAY",
"Tyr" => "UAY",
"Ile" => "AUH",
"Val" => "GUN"
IupacCodesRegex = Regexp.union IupacComprehensions.keys
def self.iupac_to_regex iupac iupac.gsub(IupacCodesRegex, IupacComprehensions)
AminoCodes.each do |acid,codes|
AminoCodes[acid] = iupac_to_regex(codes)
def self.hands
def self.aminoacid code
acid, _ = AminoCodes.find{|acid,regex| regex === code}
def self.produce_aminoacids hand
end do |hand|
aminoacids = GenePoker.produce_aminoacids(hand)
hand: hand.join,
value: aminoacids.count,
aminoacids: aminoacids.join(' ')
end.sort_by do |row|
end.each do |row|
puts row.values.join "\t"
GAUC 13 Asp Val Ala Ser Met Ile Thr Cys Tyr Arg Gln His Leu
GAAU 9 Glu Asp Val Arg Ser Lys Asn Met Ile
GAAC 9 Glu Asp Ala Arg Ser Lys Asn Thr Gln
GACC 8 Asp Ala Ser Thr Arg Gln His Pro
GAUU 8 Asp Val Ser Met Ile Cys Tyr Leu
GGAU 8 Gly Glu Asp Val Arg Ser Met Trp
GGAC 8 Gly Glu Asp Ala Arg Ser Thr Gln
AAUC 8 Asn Ile Thr Tyr Ser Gln His Leu
GGUC 8 Gly Val Ala Trp Cys Ser Arg Leu
GUUC 7 Val Ala Cys Leu Phe Ser Arg
AUUC 7 Ile Thr Tyr Leu Phe Ser His
AUCC 7 Ile Thr Tyr Ser His Leu Pro
GUCC 7 Val Ala Cys Ser Arg Leu Pro
AACC 5 Asn Thr Gln His Pro
GGUU 5 Gly Val Trp Cys Leu
GUUU 4 Val Cys Leu Phe
GGCC 4 Gly Ala Arg Pro
AUUU 4 Ile Tyr Leu Phe
GGAA 4 Gly Glu Arg Lys
UUCC 4 Phe Ser Leu Pro
AAUU 4 Asn Ile Tyr Leu
AAAC 4 Lys Asn Thr Gln
GAAA 3 Glu Arg Lys
AAAU 3 Lys Asn Ile
GGGA 3 Gly Glu Arg
GCCC 3 Ala Arg Pro
UCCC 3 Ser Leu Pro
GGGU 3 Gly Val Trp
GGGC 3 Gly Ala Arg
ACCC 3 Thr His Pro
UUUC 3 Phe Ser Leu
GGGG 1 Gly
AAAA 1 Lys
UUUU 1 Phe
CCCC 1 Pro
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