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Last active September 7, 2016 20:10
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For running at first boot, to enable both location services and whitelist Maps and AutoTimeZone('based on current location')
"""Enables location services, allows Maps and Timezone"""
import os
import platform
import subprocess
import sys
import FoundationPlist
except ImportError as error:
print "Could not find FoundationPlist, are munkitools installed?"
raise error
# Enter the frogor
def ioreg():
"""get UUID to find locationd plist with"""
cmd = ['/usr/sbin/ioreg', '-rd1', '-c', 'IOPlatformExpertDevice']
full_reg = subprocess.check_output(cmd)
reg_list = full_reg.split('\n')
for reg in reg_list:
if reg.startswith(' "IOPlatformUUID"'):
uuid = reg[26:-1]
return uuid
def root_check():
"""check sudo"""
if not os.geteuid() == 0:
exit("This must be run with sudo")
def os_check():
"""Only QA'd on ElCap"""
maj_os_vers = platform.mac_ver()[0].split('.')[1]
if maj_os_vers != '11':
exit("This tool only tested on 10.11")
def sysprefs_boxchk():
"""Enables location services in sysprefs globally"""
uuid = ioreg()
path_stub = "/private/var/db/locationd/Library/Preferences/ByHost/"
das_plist = path_stub + uuid.strip() + ".plist"
on_disk = FoundationPlist.readPlist(das_plist)
val = on_disk.get('LocationServicesEnabled', None)
if val != 1:
on_disk['LocationServicesEnabled'] = 1
FoundationPlist.writePlist(on_disk, das_plist)
os.chown(das_plist, 205, 205)
def service_handler(action):
"""Loads or unloads System's location services launchd job"""
launchctl = ['/bin/launchctl', action,
def add_maps():
"""maps dict for clients.plist in locationd settings"""
com_apl_maps = {} #""
com_apl_maps["Hide"] = 0
com_apl_maps["Whitelisted"] = 0
com_apl_maps["BundleId"] = ""
com_apl_maps["BundlePath"] = "/Applications/"
com_apl_maps["Registered"] = ""
com_apl_maps["Executable"] = "/Applications/"
com_apl_maps["Requirement"] = 'identifier "" and anchor apple'
com_apl_maps["Authorized"] = 1
das_plist = '/private/var/db/locationd/clients.plist'
clients_dict = FoundationPlist.readPlist(das_plist)
clients_dict[''] = com_apl_maps
FoundationPlist.writePlist(clients_dict, das_plist)
os.chown(das_plist, 205, 205)
def autoset_timezone():
"""enable timezone based on current location"""
das_plist = '/Library/Preferences/'
enabler = FoundationPlist.readPlist(das_plist)
val = enabler.get('Active')
if val != 1:
enabler['Active'] = 1
FoundationPlist.writePlist(enabler, das_plist)
def main():
"""gimme some main"""
if __name__ == '__main__':
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