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Created September 7, 2022 07:10
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Class Name : StopTriggerHandler
Description : This class can be used in the PB, flow to do the actions defined in the methods.
Created By : SFDC Lessons
Created Date : 09/06/2022
Modification Logs:
Developer Date Descriptions
Arun Kumar 09/06/2022 Initial version
public class StopTriggerHandler {
* @description stopTrigger method can be called from PB/FLOWs to stop the object trigger for a transaction.
* @param triggerNameToStop
@InvocableMethod(label='Stop sObject Trigger' description='Stop the sObject trigger for this transaction')
Public static void stopTrigger(List<List<String>> triggerNameToStop){
for(String varTrggrName: triggerNameToStop[0]){
//switch statement checking trigger name and stoping the triggers
switch on varTrggrName {
when 'Account' {
when 'Opportunity' {
when 'Contact' {
when 'OpportunityLineItem' {
when 'User' {
when 'Lead' {
}//switch statement block ends here
}//for loop ends here
system.debug('Can Opportnity Trigger Execute ? : ' + TriggerSwitchCls.canAccountTriggerExecute());
}//mehod ends here
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