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Created Nov 24, 2012
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Arun's Slate Configuration
config defaultToCurrentScreen true
config windowHintsShowIcons true
config windowHintsIgnoreHiddenWindows false
config windowHintsSpread true
config windowHintsShowIcons true
config windowHintsIgnoreHiddenWindows false
# Cmd+E brings up window chooser based on alphabet
# Cmd+G brings up grid like Divvy (for each monitor)
bind g:cmd grid padding:5 0:6,3 1:8,5
# Abstract positions
alias full move screenOriginX;screenOriginY screenSizeX;screenSizeY
alias lefthalf move screenOriginX;screenOriginY screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY
alias righthalf move screenOriginX+screenSizeX/2;screenOriginY screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY
alias topleft corner top-left resize:screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY/2
alias topright corner top-right resize:screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY/2
alias bottomleft corner bottom-left resize:screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY/2
alias bottomright corner bottom-right resize:screenSizeX/2;screenSizeY/2
# Numpad location Bindings
bind pad1 ${bottomleft}
bind pad2 push bottom bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
bind pad3 ${bottomright}
bind pad4 ${lefthalf}
bind pad5 ${full}
bind pad6 ${righthalf}
bind pad7 ${topleft}
bind pad8 push top bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
bind pad9 ${topright}
bind pad+ resize +10% +10%
bind pad- resize -10% -10%
bind pad/ nudge -10% +0
bind pad* nudge +10% +0
bind pad1:alt corner bottom-left
bind pad2:alt push bottom
bind pad3:alt corner bottom-right
bind pad4:alt push left
bind pad6:alt push right
bind pad7:alt corner top-left
bind pad8:alt push up
bind pad9:alt corner top-right
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