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Cats WriterMonad wrapping a Future
def getCurrentTemperatureW(): WriterT[Future, List[String], Double] = {
WriterT.putT(Future.successful(10.0))(List("Thermometer isn't broken yet"))
def getTomorrowsTempFromPredictionAPIW(curr: Double): WriterT[Future, List[String], Double] = {
WriterT.putT(Future.successful(20.0))(List("Yay, the Prediction API works too"))
def publishItInOurWebsiteW(pred: Double): WriterT[Future, List[String], Double] = {
WriterT.putT(Future.successful(20.0))(List("Published to our website"))
val publishedWriter =
for {
curr <- getCurrentTemperatureW()
pred <- getTomorrowsTempFromPredictionAPIW(curr)
pub <- publishItInOurWebsiteW(pred)
} yield pub
val futureRun =
val (logs, value) = Await.result(futureRun, 2 seconds)
println(s"\nValue is $value")
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