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Last active July 28, 2023 04:53
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from import a,b
from sympy import Matrix, pprint
from itertools import product
from sympy.physics.quantum import TensorProduct
# A \otimes \rho_{d}
def orderedTensorProduct(d):
dDegreeMonomials = monomialDegrees(d)
xyz = monomialDegrees(1)
retVal = []
for x in xyz:
retVal.extend([ (a[0] + b[0], a[1] + b[1], a[2] + b[2]) for (a, b) in product([x], dDegreeMonomials) ])
return retVal
# sort monomials in x & y above those that contain a z. Within these two groups sort lexically and by degree.
def homogenousMonomialOrdering(monomials,d):
return sorted(monomials, key=lambda x: (x[2], x[1]))
def monomialDegrees(d):
retVal =[]
for (i,j,k) in product(list(range(d+1)), repeat=3):
if( i + j + k == d):
return homogenousMonomialOrdering(retVal,d)
def makeProjection(pd_basis, quotient_basis):
retVal = []
for hm in pd_basis:
retVal.append([1 if tup == hm else 0 for tup in quotient_basis])
return Matrix(retVal)
def makeEmbedding(pd_basis, quotient_basis):
retVal = []
qb_length = len(quotient_basis)
for hm in pd_basis:
ret = []
count = 0
for idx in range(qb_length-1,-1,-1):
if (count == 0 and quotient_basis[idx] == hm):
count += 1
return Matrix(retVal).transpose()
def produceProjectionAndEmbedding(degree):
pd_basis = monomialDegrees(degree)
quotient_basis = orderedTensorProduct(degree - 1)
return makeProjection(pd_basis, quotient_basis), makeEmbedding(pd_basis, quotient_basis)
def representationOfSO3(A, degree):
rho = A
if (degree == 1):
return A
for i in range(2,degree+1):
S, E = produceProjectionAndEmbedding(i)
rho = S * TensorProduct(A,rho) * E
return rho
def main():
A = Matrix([[a, -b, 0],
[b, a, 0],
[0, 0, 1]])
rho2 = representationOfSO3(A,2)
rho3 = representationOfSO3(A,3)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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