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Last active Apr 10, 2018
What would you like to do?


Yes, please do contribute! We want you to feel as involved as you need or want to be. Here are some tips to get rolling.

Be Social

Write Adaptors and Extensions

Specific instructions to come, but come over to gitter forums and hit us up with questions, or check out some of the sample extensions and adaptors currently in the wild.

Contribute to the Documentation

NOTE: There is currently a bounty program to incentivize common tasks, such as writing documentation. Take a minute to read about it over here.

All current documentation lives at

There are two ways to contribute to the documentation:

1) Live Edit

Just head over to any page on the live documentation site, and click the "Edit this page" button in the top right corner. That will fork a specific page for editing purposes on GitHub.

2) Fork the Wiki

We use GitHub's Wiki to manage documentation, which is managed through a .wiki.git repository. Unfortunately, you can't typically use the GitHub user interface for pull requests to the origin Wiki.

Luckily, GitHub has provided a workaround. We are still in the process of setting this up, but when things are ready, we'll update the documentation here. In the meantime, come make yourself known on Gitter. Maybe you can help this along!

NOTE: The GitHub repo isn't necessarily easy to navigate (yet), so to make sense of what page is what, dig into this code for reference.

Thanks for all the help!

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