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Git visual log for the console
# Git visual log displays commit tree view with who did what when and in which branch
git config --global alias.vlog 'log --graph --date-order --date=relative --pretty=format:"%C(cyan)%h: %Cblue - %an - %Cgreen %C(cyan)%ar:%Creset%n%s%n" --color'

For consoles with a dark background:

git config alias.vlog 'log --graph --date-order --date=relative --pretty=format:"%C(white)%h: %Cgreen - %an - %Cred %C(cyan)%ar:[B%Creset%n%s%n" --color'


to use navigate into your git repo and run

# all commits
$ git vlog

# last 6 commits
$ git vlog -n 6
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