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View fisheye crucible init.d script
# FISHEYE_HOME: The path to the FishEye installation. It's recommended to create a symbolic link to the latest version so
# the process will still work after upgrades. Be sure to update the symlink itself when upgrading.
# Example: ln -s /usr/local/atlassian/applications/fisheye/4.2.0 /usr/local/atlassian/applications/fisheye/latest
# FISHEYE_INST: The path to store Fisheye data.
# The 2 lines below should be uncommented only if you don't have the environment variables set in /etc/environment file.
export FISHEYE_INST="/mnt/fecru-3.9.1_fisheye_data"
View aws volume all info python
import boto3
# Define the connection
ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2', region_name="us-west-2")
# Find all volumes
volumes = ec2.volumes.all()
# Loop through all volumes and pass it to ec2.Volume('xxx')
for vol in volumes: