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STqdm: A tqdm-like progress bar for Streamlit
# UPDATED: 5-MAY-2023
from multiprocessing import Pool, freeze_support
from time import sleep
import streamlit as st
# pip install stqdm
from stqdm import stqdm
c1, c2, _ = st.columns([1,1,1])
num_p = c1.number_input('Number of processes', value=5, min_value=1, max_value=100)
num_i = c2.number_input('Number of iterations', value=100, min_value=1, max_value=1000, step=100)
message = st.empty()
stqdm_container = st.container()
def sleep_and_return(i):
return i
def run_pool(n_processes=2, n_iterations=10):
with stqdm_container:
with Pool(processes=n_processes) as pool:
for i in stqdm(pool.imap(sleep_and_return, range(n_iterations)), total=n_iterations):
message.success(f'Iteration: {i}')
if __name__ == '__main__':
# On Windows an error was being thrown which suggested freeze_support() as a fix
# "An attempt has been made to start a new process before the
# current process has finished its bootstrapping phase...."
option ='Select an option', ['Run forever', 'Run once', 'Stop'], index=2, horizontal=True, key='options')
# Run forever (for demo purposes)
if option == 'Run forever':
while True:
run_pool(n_processes=num_p, n_iterations=num_i)
# More realistic use case to run once and stop
elif option == 'Run once':
run_pool(n_processes=num_p, n_iterations=num_i)'Waiting to run again...')
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asehmi commented Apr 19, 2022


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Thanks for this. A question, why do we need the while loop? On l. 35, and does it automatically breaks out if the workers are done?

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asehmi commented May 5, 2023

The while loop is not required. It's there only to have the demo running indefinitely. Once the worker pool has run, the program ends.

I'll update the gist to demonstrate this.

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Thanks you! I'll try this out in some projects of mine soon.

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