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doubletap event for jquery
//based on blog post that I saw here:
$.fn.doubletap = function(fn) {
return fn ? this.bind('doubletap', fn) : this.trigger('doubletap');
$.attrFn.doubletap = true;
$.event.special.doubletap = {
setup: function(data, namespaces){
$(this).bind('touchend', $.event.special.doubletap.handler);
teardown: function(namespaces){
$(this).unbind('touchend', $.event.special.doubletap.handler);
handler: function(event){
var action;
var now = new Date().getTime();
//the first time this will make delta a negative number
var lastTouch = $(this).data('lastTouch') || now + 1;
var delta = now - lastTouch;
var delay = delay == null? 500 : delay;
if(delta < delay && delta > 0){
// After we detct a doubletap, start over
$(this).data('lastTouch', null);
// set event type to 'doubletap'
event.type = 'doubletap';
// let jQuery handle the triggering of "doubletap" event handlers
$.event.handle.apply(this, arguments);
$(this).data('lastTouch', now);
action = setTimeout(function(evt){
// set event type to 'doubletap'
event.type = 'tap';
// let jQuery handle the triggering of "doubletap" event handlers
$.event.handle.apply(this, arguments);
clearTimeout(action); // clear the timeout
}, delay, [event]);
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ttback commented Jul 28, 2012

I tried with .bind and this works but it wouldn't work with .delegate() or .on()

I tried it with Raul Sanchez's example except for the script part I changed it to

        $('<div class="tapme"></div>').appendTo('body');
            function reset(){
                    $('.tapme').text('tap or click').removeClass('hold');
                }, 750);

                $('.tapme').delegate('dblclick doubletap', function(event){
                                alert('double tap!');



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enzi commented Apr 22, 2013

Thanks for the script!

I had a weird bug on the iPad where the first double tap was fine and after that every tap triggered a double tap. The problem was that I'm using multi touch and the timer event gets therefore duplicated.

What I did to fix this was rebinding the event to 'touchstart' instead of 'touchend' and then

if (event.targetTouches.length <= 1) {
// rest of the handler code

So, if anyone has multi touch support and runs into this you know what to do. :)

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VigibotDev commented Sep 26, 2019

There is no multitouch filter ? (distance from two tap)

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