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Last active Dec 20, 2020
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state decorator
from streamlit.report_thread import get_report_ctx
from streamlit.hashing import _CodeHasher
from streamlit.server.server import Server
from prometheus_client.registry import REGISTRY
from prometheus_client import Counter
class _SessionState:
def __init__(self, session, hash_funcs):
"""Initialize SessionState instance."""
self.__dict__["_state"] = {
"data": {},
"hash": None,
"hasher": _CodeHasher(hash_funcs),
"is_rerun": False,
"session": session,
def __call__(self, **kwargs):
"""Initialize state data once."""
for item, value in kwargs.items():
if item not in self._state["data"]:
self._state["data"][item] = value
def __getitem__(self, item):
"""Return a saved state value, None if item is undefined."""
return self._state["data"].get(item, None)
def __getattr__(self, item):
"""Return a saved state value, None if item is undefined."""
return self._state["data"].get(item, None)
def __setitem__(self, item, value):
"""Set state value."""
self._state["data"][item] = value
def __setattr__(self, item, value):
"""Set state value."""
self._state["data"][item] = value
def clear(self):
"""Clear session state and request a rerun."""
def sync(self):
"""Rerun the app with all state values up to date from the beginning to fix rollbacks."""
# Ensure to rerun only once to avoid infinite loops
# caused by a constantly changing state value at each run.
# Example: state.value += 1
if self._state["is_rerun"]:
self._state["is_rerun"] = False
elif self._state["hash"] is not None:
if self._state["hash"] != self._state["hasher"].to_bytes(
self._state["data"], None
self._state["is_rerun"] = True
self._state["hash"] = self._state["hasher"].to_bytes(self._state["data"], None)
def _get_session():
session_id = get_report_ctx().session_id
session_info = Server.get_current()._get_session_info(session_id)
if session_info is None:
raise RuntimeError("Couldn't get your Streamlit Session object.")
return session_info.session
def get_state(hash_funcs=None):
session = _get_session()
if not hasattr(session, "_custom_session_state"):
session._custom_session_state = _SessionState(session, hash_funcs)
return session._custom_session_state
def _get_names(collector_name, collector_type):
result = []
type_suffixes = {
'counter': ['_total', '_created'],
'summary': ['_sum', '_count', '_created'],
'histogram': ['_bucket', '_sum', '_count', '_created'],
'gaugehistogram': ['_bucket', '_gsum', '_gcount'],
'info': ['_info'],
for suffix in type_suffixes.get(collector_type, []):
result.append(collector_name + suffix)
return result
def get_or_create_metric(metric_type, *, name, **kwargs):
names = _get_names(name, metric_type.__name__.lower())
if any(name in REGISTRY._names_to_collectors for name in names):
return REGISTRY._names_to_collectors[names[0]]
return metric_type(name=name, **kwargs)
def provide_state(func):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
state = get_state(hash_funcs={})
return_value = func(state=state, *args, **kwargs)
return return_value
return wrapper
def count_sessions():
state = get_state(hash_funcs={})
session_counter = get_or_create_metric(Counter, name='session_count', documentation='Unique Sessions')
if not state._is_session_reused:
state._is_session_reused = True

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@ash2shukla ash2shukla commented Dec 15, 2020

Added session counter explicitly ( and a way to integrate prometheus metrics with session in general.. )

No need to call count_sessions explicitly if you are already using @provide_state decorator for your main method.

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